Coffee AROMA PLATINUM is enriched with Colombian Arabica appreciated by the coffee lovers from around the world. Growing in Colombia Arabica is famous for its high quality and unique flavor, determined by the highland climate and soil. This coffee will undoubtedly fill your day with exceptional moments of pleasure.

Colombian Arabica in our homes

Colombia, situated in far-distant South America, surrounded by Andes, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is fascinating not only by its spectacular scenery. Due to the difference in height, significant temperature fluctuations are observed which determine the diversity of plants thriving there. Coffee trees are widespread and highly valued. Colombia is the third largest coffee exporter in the world. As many as 10 million coffee bags leave the region every year. Beans from this exotic country reach Lithuanian stores in the form of favorite AROMA PLATINUM coffee.

Microclimate too provides exquisite taste

Arabica grown in Colombia has a rich and intense flavor, so coffee brewed from this kind of beans is usually quite strong, but with a tropical fruit, vanilla and caramel of chocolate aftertaste. Exclusive taste is strongly influenced by the climate, temperature variations, so each region can offer coffee of different taste. Most farmers emphasize that the coffee beans, growing at an altitude of 1500 meters, are characterized by exceptional quality. Locals’ coffee preparation method is also special – coffee is sweetened with large amounts of sugar, drunk in small amounts and known locally as “tinto”.

Saved tradition

Colombian coffee is a high-quality product, and farmers who grow and sell it represent the intergenerational transmission of the coffee-growing traditions. Most of them have their own, small farms, as well as equipment for coffee processing. Coffee beans are similar to cherries – they are surrounded by flesh, which gives additional flavor. Coffee is harvested only at certain times, usually in the second half of the day and processed in “wet” manner. Using this method, the fruits are crushed and the pulp around the beans is removed. Then beans are dipped into the water and left for one or two days to ferment. After this process, they are washed and dried in the sun or mechanically. Finally, shelling machine removes the thin shell of green coffee beans. This coffee bean processing method enables to submit only a high-quality product. Coffee AROMA PLATINUM is an example of true Colombian Arabica you can enjoy not only in a distant Colombia.