We are glad and proud to present only the best quality products to our customers. This year we offer the coffee lovers to taste the exclusive ground coffee and coffee beans Aroma Platinum. This coffee has been prepared by an SCAE certified barista and taster, champion of coffee tasting in Estonia, multiple time finalist of the World championships, judge of international coffee championships Vadim Kollomets. Aroma Platinum coffee enriched with Colombian Arabica will let you indulge in the flavor of professionally prepared coffee while being at home.

“Coffee is my life and my passion. The desire to unveil the secrets of the coffee world has led me to quite a few finals of international coffee championships. Today I am travelling the world as a judge in the coffee championships and by consulting manufacturers who carefully and fairly sort and roast coffee. In this madly rushing world, coffee is a moment of slow enjoyment. That is why, based on my experience, I have created a unique mix of coffee, enriched with highest quality Colombian Arabica. AROMA PLATINUM – medium roast, rich coffee. Ripe berry, plum notes and a dark chocolate aftertaste will give you a feast of taste every day.”