Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. People around the world drink 2.2 billion cups of coffee a day and in Lithuania one person consumes an average of 400 cups of coffee a year! At the dawn of the twentieth century, there was produced ground coffee only, but in 1901 there was developed a soluble and easy to prepare option, which brought new flavors to the world of coffee.

There are two methods for making ground coffee: coffee is either boiled for about 4 hours until the water absorbs all the useful substances, then filtered and dried, or vacuum drying method is used after which the coffee granules are obtained. While there are those who think that the instant coffee granules do not have a strong impact and they do not contain natural products, it’s just a myth. Instant coffee granules are made from fresh coffee beans, roasted in tanks heated up to 200°C and cooled at a temperature of at least -40°C! Using the most advanced Freeze-Dried technology, premium quality AROMA GOLD instant coffee is born.

Instant coffee AROMA GOLD production using Freeze-Dried technology requires a special care. Carefully selected beans, followed by slow roasting enhance characteristic color and fall into the industrial mill, which grounds them to a fine powder. Then ground coffee goes into the container, where steam and pressure releases coffee extract. After this process, the resulting product is transported to the cold room and left there until freezes, thus preserving the aroma. Finally, feezed extract is crushed into granules.

Frozen granules still have water inside, so in order to remove it they travel in a low-pressure tunnel for 5 hours. The real challenge is to evaporate the water by preventing extract granules from unfreezing, as this would be a loss of coffee aroma! To prevent this, the tunnel creates a vacuum, and the granules are heated at 60° C. Separated water becomes steam because of the pressure – this process is called sublimation. Using Freeze-Dried technology, granules treated in such way remain solid and fragrant.

Instant coffee produced using an advanced Freeze-Dried technology is more expensive, since this process with cold and pressure requires more time and energy. However, coffee processed using such technology saves valuable coffee qualities. Thus, drinking instant coffee AROMA GOLD you will certainly enjoy taste and aroma of the real coffee.