Coffee Capsules AROMA GOLD Cappuccino, 186,4g

Coffee Capsules AROMA GOLD Cappuccino, 186,4g
  • A timeless classic wrapped in a thick froth of milk and balanced flavour;
  • Less than 1% oxygen in capsule.



An aromatic espresso made from premium 100 % arabica coffee beans with delicious skimmed milk – for a full-bodied aroma and finest taste through the intensive roasting. A timeless classic rounded off with dense, frothy milk foam, balanced creaminess.


1 capsule type milk (17 g) with 200 ml water + 1 capsule type espresso (6,3 g) with 40 ml water.

Ingredients and packing:

milk capsule: skimmed milk powder (65,8 %), whey powder, sugar (11 %), coconut fat, stabilizer sodium phosphates.

Coffee capsule: ground roasted coffee (100 %).

Coffee Beans from South America and Central America.

Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Code: 218-00200
Weight: 186,4g
Units per main packaging / box: 3
Cartons per pallet: 252
Units per pallet: 756
Shelflife (days): 455
EAN unit: 4771632312712
EAN Carton: 4771632312743