Roasted Coffee Beans AROMA GOLD ESPRESSO, 1 kg

Roasted Coffee Beans AROMA GOLD ESPRESSO, 1 kg
  • Certified RFA;
  • Made in Netherlands;
  • Approved by baristas.
  • Slow – roasting;
  • Selected farms;
  • Full of flavour and aroma.



Roasted coffee beans AROMA GOLD ESPRESSO. Grown under ideal climatic conditions and particularly carefully selected coffee beans from the most famous Brazilian and Vietnamese coffee farms, combined to produce a unique recipe with a particularly rich and intense taste. Combination of dried plums and dark chocolate, revealing nutty, pepper-like notes – it‘s a taste that will not leave you indifferent.

Storing and preparation:

These coffee beans are suitable for a variety of coffee making methods. Can be used to make coffee with an espresso machine or grind in a coffee grinder and brew in a cup. Everyone will find their right coffee taste since this coffee is suitable for drinking with milk

Store in a dry and cool place in a tightly closed container.

All modes of preparation are possible. Use 7-9 g of coffee per cup (100 ml).

Packed in a protective atmosphere.

Logistic information:

Code: 220-19011
Weight: 1kg
Units per main packaging / box: 8
Cartons per pallet: 40
Units per pallet: 320
Shelflife (days): 547
EAN unit: 4771632087580
EAN Carton: 4771632312927