New types of Aroma Gold coffee beans Aroma Gold Crema, Aroma Gold Business and Aroma Gold Espresso will please even the most finicky coffee lovers. These types of coffee distinguish by a subtle flavor and a memorable taste, suitable for use in both home and professional sector. These are fresh and fragrant coffee beans, ideal for coffee breaks.

Aroma Gold Crema coffee beans of delicate and mild flavor should please both, those who love black coffee and those who like to add milk. Full of essential oils this coffee has a creamy consistency and a lot of flavor. When tasting, a gentle pear and dried berry flavor can be felt, as well as an elegant and clear dark chocolate aftertaste. Aroma Gold Crema coffee beans are perfect for any type of coffee machine, whether it is domestic or intended for professional use.

Coffee, prepared from Aroma Gold Business coffee beans will be a real discovery for brighter and stronger flavor coffee lovers. It is balanced in a way that perfectly suits for black coffee preparation. High-quality Arabica beans have a grapefruit, prunes and black pepper aftertaste. Sweet aroma, rich, but easy Aroma Gold Business coffee will surprise you with its acidity, that will gradually move to mild bitterness. Because of smaller quantities of essential oils, you can drink this coffee both hot and cold.

For those who like more concentrated flavor, coffee prepared from Aroma Gold Espresso coffee beans will create a memorable impression. While enjoying, you can feel the traces of dried plums and sweet raisins, supplemented by dark chocolate and sweet jam notes. For those who lack time, but want to find a bunch of different flavors Aroma Gold Espresso is a perfect morning or afternoon drink.