Ground coffee AROMA GOLD, 80g

Ground coffee AROMA GOLD, 80g
  • Convenient soft pack;
  • BOSCH AROMAFIN TECHNOLOGY for strong and intensive aroma and taste.



Medium roast ground coffee AROMA GOLD. The ones who foster coffee-drinking traditions will appreciate AROMA GOLD aroma and taste. AROMA GOLD is produced from coffee beans grown in Central Africa, South America and Asia using modern technologies and preserving classical features of coffee.

Storing and preparation:

Store in a dry and cool place in a tightly closed container. All modes of preparation are possible. Use 7-9 g of coffee per cup (100 ml).

Packed in a protective atmosphere.

Countries of origin of coffee beans:

Central Africa, South America and Asia.

Logistical information:

Code: 220-06680
Weight: 80g
Units per main packaging / box: 24
Cartons per pallet: 120
Units per pallet: 2880
Shelflife (days): 730
EAN unit: 4771632086859
EAN Carton: 4771632313139