Instant Coffee AROMA GOLD Freeze-Dried, 200g

Instant Coffee AROMA GOLD Freeze-Dried, 200g
  • Made from 100 % coffee beans;
  • Freeze-dried technology. With this technology, premium coffee is frozen at extremely low temperatures and the water in it is evaporated by high pressure;
  • Beans were grown in the Brazilian, Indian, Vietnamese.;


Countries of origin:

Brazil, India, Vietnam.

Storing and preparation:

Keep the jar tightly closed in a dry and cool place. Preparation: add hot, but not boiling water to one teaspoon of instant coffee. Add sugar, milk or cream to taste.

Logistical information:

Code: 220-02588
Weight: 200g
Units per main packaging / box: 6
Cartons per pallet: 135
Units per pallet: 810
Shelflife (days): 730
EAN unit: 4771632086002